jCrop : Basic

[Jcrop example]

This example demonstrates the default behavior of Jcrop.
Since no event handlers have been attached it only performs the cropping behavior.

jCrop : Handler

[Jcrop example]

An example with a basic event handler.Here we've tied several form values together with a simple event handler invocation. The result is that the form values are updated in real-time as the selection is changed using Jcrop's onChange handler.

That's how easily Jcrop can be integrated into a traditional web form!

jCrop : Aspect Ratio with Preview Pane

[Jcrop example]

An example implementing a preview pane.Obviously the most visual demo, the preview pane is accomplished entirely outside of Jcrop with a simple jQuery-flavored callback. This type of interface could be useful for creating a thumbnail or avatar. The onChange event handler is used to update the view in the preview pane.

jCrop : Animations + Transitions

[Jcrop example]

Animation/Transitions.Demonstration of animateTo API method and transitions for bgColor and bgOpacity options. Color fading requires inclusion of John Resig's jQueryColor Animations plugin. If it is not included, colors will not fade.